Welcome to Sonee Sports Run Club!





Do you want to get points just by running?

 Introducing Sonee Sports Run Club

Run. Earn. Redeem

  Earn 1 run point for every kilometer you run

1 run point is worth 1 MVR

Run Points can be used to purchase only running and training gear
Use Run Points to redeem up to 25% of the total transaction

For example, if your transaction values is 1000 MVR, you can use 250 run points for it




Join now and get a chance to win 6 months running gear for 2 lucky winners


Valid till  30th June 2019



How do you join?


1. Become a member of the Sonee Sports loyalty program

2. Download the Strava app on your phone

3. Search for "Sonee Sports Run Club" and send a request to join

 4. Message us through facebook with the keyword: REG [strava username] [Mobile no (registered in our loyalty program)]

5. If you are not in our loyalty program, send us your full name, address, phone number, D.O.B and ID card No. via facebook and we will register you

Note: Due to Strava's limitations in calculating kilometres, we are only able to register new members every Monday


 Download Strava for Android